Shawn Sun

Hey there! I’m Shawn and I manage the blog here. This page will tell you about a general background of me and what you can expect at Turning Pages.

Background and Basic Stuff

I’m from Penang and I’m about to start my degree in English literature soon. Books have always been my constant companions, from childhood classics to contemporary gems. They offer me solace, laughter, and an understanding of myself and the world around me.

My favourite book – well, a book that holds a significant place in my heart is No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai. Similarly to Oba (the protagonist in the novel), I was going through a rough patch and it reminds me that even in the depths, there’s a flicker of shared humanity waiting to be discovered.

My other hobbies include watching movies, rock climbing and surfing. I consume a handful of media in a daily basis so I have to take time off for some physical activities to keep me in shape.

Turning Pages

I decided to launch this website in November 2023 as an ‘online diary’ for me. It was also a turning point for me as I was able to pursue my desired degree for the next chapter of my life.

I blog about reviews on books and movies. You may occasionally see reviews on indie video games I find interesting too. The categories in this blog will be Reads (for book reviews), Watches (for movie reviews), Health, and Others. I blog about whatever that catches my attention so expect reviews across different media or personal life experiences. The comments are always open to so feel free to share your thoughts!

Blogging Schedule

I view blogging as more of a hobby, so I try to post at least twice a month.

Enjoy Your Reading

Thank you for visiting Turning Pages and I hope you enjoy your visit here!