One Year Later: Still Dangling From Cliffs (But Loving It!)

Hey all, it’s Shawn here! It’s December now which means it has already been a year since I started rock climbing! From indoor climbing gyms to exploring cliffs around Malaysia, I’ve been loving every single moment of this journey and would like to share some sentiments here.

From Bookworm to Climber: An Unexpected Transformation

I’ll admit that no one expected me, out of all people, to be an enthusiast of rock climbing. Imagine a skinny guy with glasses and braces who buries his head in textbooks and novels 24/7. That’s what I was like in real life. But last year, life dealt me a curveball in the form of a semester break in KL. With a bunch of free time on our hands, a friend of mine invited me to go rock climbing with him and, on a whim, I decided to give it a go. I was expecting to detest rock climbing as it seemed to be a tiring sport. Little did I know, that first shaky ascent on an indoor wall would ignite a passion I never saw coming.

rock climbing

So, Why the Wall Crawling Obsession?

It’s more than just the thrill of defying gravity, though that’s definitely a perk. For me, climbing is a mental and physical chess match. Every move demands strategizing, pushing my limits, and trusting my own strength. It’s a dance of fear and focus, a quiet battle against gravity where the reward is a breathtaking view and a surge of accomplishment that no five-star meal can match.

Climbing for Rookies: Tips from a (Still) Newbie

Don’t let the gear or jargon intimidate you! Here’s what helped me survive my first year (and hopefully yours too):

  • Gear up gradually: You don’t need fancy equipment right away. Rent at the gym first, and find your climbing groove before investing.
  • Embrace the fall: It’s gonna happen, so relax and learn from it. Each tumble is a stepping stone (pun intended-)
  • Find your tribe: Climbing gyms are full of supportive peeps who love sharing their passion. Don’t be shy, ask questions, and join the climb together!
  • Listen to your body: Pushing yourself is good, but know your limits. Rest when you need to, and avoid injuries!
rock climbing

One year on, I’m still a rookie clinging to the metaphorical wall. But the view from up here? Breathtaking. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, a community, and a way to rewrite your relationship with gravity, give climbing a try. You might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve (and how high you can climb!).

Hope you enjoy today’s post! Until next time.