My New Addiction: Korean Skincare

Hello readers! I’m starting a new category in my blog as we enter the month of March. Welcome to the Skin Care category! I’m thrilled to show you my latest addiction, I mean, hobby, which is Korean skin care. So let’s delve into it!

For Starters…

I’d like to address the possible elephant in the room. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Shawn and I’m a guy. Although times have changed, I believe it is still not as common for guys to pay attention in skin care and the topic is more often than not associated with women instead.

For me, I would say my face is pretty smooth but there are still times when I would notice an acne breakout or some black heads. Hence, I was always interested in skin care products but never know where to start providing that this is a million-dollar market with various brands trying to provide you with glass skin.

Finally, I was able to get my hands on some Korean skin care products after being recommended to a few on TikTok. I am quite skeptical because I wouldn’t say I have a great experience with online purchases and my skin can be sensitive to certain ingredients. Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks, I am happy to say I have found my routine.

My Skin Care Routine

It’s still fairly easy. I have a bottle of cleansing oil, foam cleanser, and toner pads. To start off this part of the blog, allow me to introduce the products I’m currently using. Do note that I have a dry skin type.

Skin1004 Light Cleansing Oil

Skin1004 Light Cleansing Oil

This brand had been trending recently due to the Light Cleansing Oil. It is acclaimed to be very light and gentle on the skin, whilst leaving a smooth after-feel to your skin.

Well, in my opinion, it does work well for my skin so I’d say I’m satisfied with it. There isn’t a strong scent but a nice subtle scent if you smell hard enough. It does make my face smoother compared to just using a cleanser. I use it once every night and then wash it off with water before using the foam cleanser.

RoundLab Dokdo Cleanser

Round Lab Dokdo Cleanser

I have been using Round Lab sunscreen for a while before this. I know that this brand has gaining a lot of popularity for its quality skin care range. The same could be said to their cleanser.

I can’t say much except the fact that it makes my face feel refreshed and clean after a good wash. I usually use it twice a day; once when I wake up and once before I go to sleep.

Mediheal Watermide Moisture Pad

Mediheal Watermide Toner Pag

I was recommended this by a friend of mine as my skin is really dry (like a desert). So I needed a toner pad that is moisturizing. Mediheal provides a wide range of toner pads to accommodate for different skin care needs.

I would warn though, do not shake or put the box upside down as the pads are really wet and it might leak through the opening. I plan to get the Vitamide Brightening Pad next (I definitely will not be collecting the whole collection).

Exciting Skin Care Journey

And that’s all folks! This was my starter pack to my skin care journey. I’m sure there’s much more to just cleansing oil and cleansers, but I’ll be taking small steps at a time to find out what my skin needs. I would recommend everyone to get into skin care as skin is still part of our body and it is important to make effort in taking care of our appearance. Even if it’s a small step, at least you’re moving towards a change.

Till then, readers!